Our partners for global policy change

For a greater impact, we coordinate and at times join hands with other civil society actors, including Disabled People Organisations (DPOs), and within alliances and networks. Among others, the main alliances and networks:

INEW, the International Network on Explosive Weapons.

ICBL, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.


CMC, the Cluster Munition Coalition.


IDDC, the International Disability and Development Consortium.

IDA, the International Disability Alliance.

CONCORD, the network of European development NGOs.

GRA, the Global Rehabilitation Alliance.

The Global alliance of NGO for Road Safety.

VOICE, the network of European humanitarian NGOs.

ICVA, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies.

FORUS, the international platform of NGO’s national platform.

In Paris, Washington, London and other capitals, national associations engage with multiple allies and national coalitions of NGOs (such as Coordination SUD, Interaction, Bond…)