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Influence & Ethics is operated jointly for Humanity & Inclusion, also known as Handicap International, by the Advocacy Team and by the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action.
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A VENIR – Conférence Nationale Humanitaire 2020: la France doit s’engager pour la protection de l’espace humanitaire

Le 17 décembre à Paris se tiendra la Conférence Nationale Humanitaire. Elle réunira les principales organisations non gouvernementales humanitaires, dont HI. Emmanuel Macron s’y exprimera. Parmi les sujets prioritaires, et pour lesquels les ONG ont des demandes très précises : la sécurité des travailleurs humanitaires et la protection de l’espace humanitaire.

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ALERT – IDPD 2020 : HI is working with persons with disabilities to mitigate disproportionate impact of COVID-19

December 3 marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. While 15% of world population lives with a disability, persons with disabilities still face multiple barriers and discrimination to enjoy equal opportunities, quality of lives and participation in their communities. The long-term impacts of COVID-19 threaten to exacerbate this exclusion even further.

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